Welcome to the official website of the 444.900 Mhz (70cm) Amateur Radio Repeater in Waller County, TX.

***UPDATE: New Repeater being constructed this Fall(2015), 147.040Mhz More Details soon.... This VHF Repeater will be located same site and likely linked with 444.900 UHF Repeater***

Contact Info:

Chris Schmidt KF5JMD@wallerrepeater.org

Ramey Smith rameyasmith@yahoo.com

also see our Radio Club Website at:

Waller County Radio Club http://www.wallercrc.org

Current Status:


Work will begin soon on new repeater site. Still need equipment for 2M Repeater!
With cooler weather just around the corner will FINALLY get back to work on the Repeater site, the last time it was cool, it was also flooded, then it went almost immeadiately from 70 degrees with storms and flooding to 100+ heat and drought. Will update in September on Construction.

Waller CRC still needs equipment for the 147.040Mhz 2 Meters Repeater. Moving the UHF repeater to the new site this Fall, would be nice if we could setup the 2M repeater at same time. If you have VHF Repeater equipment you could donate or sell for reasonable cost, please contact kf5jmd@wallerrepeater.org.


Tuesday Night Net 8:00pm Every Tuesday night 444.900Mhz Repeater!
Please Join Us, open to all Licensed Amateurs, casual, directed net, typically lasts 45mins to 1hour, sometimes shorter/longer.

This was Previously the Sunday Night Net, moved to Tuesday Nights and time set back for Summer, little later give everyone chance to get settled in around dusk before net begins.


Sunday Night Net (Moved to Tuesday Nights at 8:00pm) 7:30pm Every Sunday night 444.900Mhz Repeater!
Please Join Us, open to all Licensed Amateurs, casual, directed net, typically lasts 45mins to 1hour, sometimes shorter/longer.


New Site for Repeater coming finally! On a hill on taller tower, more details to come, this should be completed within the next 2-3 months and should greatly improve the coverage area of the Repeater.


This Repeater is currently live, on the air. There are upgrades planned, such as a new tower to raise the antenna height to around 80 feet AGL. It is currently at 50 feet AGL.

Purpose and Goal:

The KF5GXZ Repeater's purpose is to provide the fast growing Waller County Community Licensed Amateur Radio Operators with a useable Repeater, located Centrally in Waller County as to permit communications County-Wide with minimal station requirements to access the Repeater. To allow Base, Mobile, and Handheld access from anywhere or almost anywhere in Waller County.

Goals for this Repeater are to continuously provide Amateurs with a "local" repeater. This repeater has Emergency Power and may be used for Emergency Communications. Future plans include to add capability to link to IRLP and/or other repeaters via Internet or by Radio. Affliation with ARES and Skywarn will likely be in the near future.

This is an "Open" Repeater, On Air 24/7 unless Maintenance is in process. Any Licensed Amateur is welcome to freely use it for "Ragchew", Technical Info/help, and General Communications, at any time unless otherwise directed "On Air" by a Repeater Trustee or Net Controller. Please be courteous to other users of the Repeater, and follow all Guidlines for Amateur Radio Operation.

Repeater Info:

444.900 Mhz Output Frequency
+ shift (449.900 Mhz Input Frequency)
100 Hz PL Tone for Access
Trustee: KF5GXZ

Repeater Coverage:

Coverage is somewhat limited only for handheld radio users at the current antenna height and should increase greatly once construction of the new tower is completed. Mobile and/or base stations will find coverage over all of Waller County and part of surrounding counties.

The coverage map below estimates "10 Watt Mobile Radio" coverage, some testing has been done to verify this. 50 Watt Mobile Stations will find much greater coverage than indicated by this map. HT (handheld) coverage will be about one-half to two-thirds of the blue shaded area. In the center of the blue shaded area, (near Bell rd) is the location of the repeater antenna. The blue shaded area is a 15 mile Radius from the Repeater Antenna. 50 Watt Mobile testing has been sucessfully done to 705 Mile Marker (Colorado County) on I-10, Brenham, Cypress, Katy, and Navasota. Results may vary depending on propagation and your antenna configuration, Comet SBB-7NMO antenna / Kenwood TM-V71a Transceiver and others, have been used for these tests.

Repeater Location:         Central Waller County (Monaville)
Coordinates:               Latitude: 29-56-41 Longitude: 96-00-40
Repeater Hardware:         GE MASTR II Base Station Repeater (rack mount)
Transmitter:               GE MASTR II Base 75 Watt Continuous Duty PA
Transmitter Power Output:  Currently set at 36 Watts
Antenna:                   Wisco/Andrews/Commscope 8 Bay DB408B
Antenna Gain:              6.6dBd Omnidirectional
ERP (Effective Radiated):  165 Watts
Power Supply:              110VAC and Battery Backup Emergency Power
Antenna Height:            50ft AGL 250ft AMSL (soon to be 80AGL/280AMSL)

Other Site Features:

Also located at the Repeater Site are a Weather Station and a RadioReference/Broadcastify Scanner Feed for Waller County Sheriff Dept and local City PD/Fire/EMS.

KTXWALLE11 Weather Station on Weather Underground

Waller County Sheriff Dispatch (800Mhz) Scanner Feed on RadioReference.com/Broadcastify.com

More Info:

Also see the Waller Radio Club Website for other info: http://www.wallercrc.org

DB408 Antenna Info:

DB408 Datasheet(PDF) DB408 Instruction Sheet(PDF)

Rohn Tower Catalog
Rohn Tower Catalog 2004(PDF)
WARNING! This is a 30MB Download and catalog is 462 pages!